• Charlotte Bardsley

Working From Home

As 2020 started, I don't believe there was anybody thinking there would be no school, no sport for us by March. But this is what happened, the lock-down officially started in the UK on the evening of March 23rd and from that moment I have basically not left my home. My school term was stopped and the A-Level exams I have been working for 2 years to sit were cancelled by the government. All my table tennis competitions that I had qualified for, Schools Finals, England Junior Nationals, all cancelled. However I am not alone, for everybody this has been a huge change.

In order to prepare for the time when we can go back to our normal lives, I have been keeping my strength and conditioning work going. I am supported by the team at sports department of Birmingham University, so they have helped me develop a program I can do at my home.

The workout is a pretty tough one, it takes around 60 minutes to complete and requires both strength and stamina. For table tennis it is important to develop strength across many muscle groups, legs and core are particularly important in the sport.

Having time at home also allows me to work on my serve, which is one of the most important shots and of course you can do this on your own. However I do really miss both the training and competitions and hope that we can return to our normal lives as quickly as possible but of course only when it is safe to do so.

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