• Charlotte Bardsley

U21 National Champion

At the 2022 England Senior Nationals, I won Gold in the U21 singles event. I won silver in the Doubles and Bronze in the singles. My coach for the weekend, was England former National Champion, Helen Lower. Helen was one of my first coaches when I started playing so it was fantastic to have her support during the competition. The tournament was held over three days at the University of Nottingham.

It was a challenging tournament, but I am pleased with my performance. Seeded No2 in U21, I wanted to at least get to the semi final. I had a tough quarter final match, playing someone I know very well who pushed me very hard. The Semi and Final were also good matches against high quality opponents who again made it difficult.

In the main singles, I was seeded 5th so normally this would be a quarter final. However to get to that stage, I needed to overcome a player from the U21 who had made it very difficult. I learnt from the previous match and had a more comfortable victory this time. In the Quarter final I had to overcome a player I had never beaten before, so that was a good match for me to win. Making the Semi was therefore a bonus over my seeding, but I was against another opponent I had never played before. It was a very tough match and a little bit disappointed to lose since 3 of the 4 sets were lost in deuce. However it was a very competitive match and I learned a lot in my first senior semi final. Overall a good tournament for me.

My STIGA equipment performed very well and I am very happy with the Dynasty Carbon blade and DNA rubbers.

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