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B75 Denmark - with Lars Rokkjær

To become a better table tennis player it is obvious that you will need to practice and train. But what is the most effective way to do this? From my own personal experience, I find that training camps can be a great way to improve and step up your overall playing ability. When you are training the same way week to week, it can be sometimes hard to really improve because you can get stuck in the same old routines. However if you take yourself away to perhaps a new location, work with some different players, this in itself can have a positive effect as you can have a new perspective and even boost your motivation level.

Camps come in all types, from perhaps a day at a local club, right through to several weeks in a different country. You need to find the right balance on the time, budget and also your abilities. For example, there is no point as a beginner who has never been on a camp to start off with an international one. The best thing for a newcomer to the sport to do, is start with maybe one or two days at a local camp with players and coaches they know. They can then assess the benefit and also what level of intensity they can manage.

For the more experienced players who can train at a higher intensity over longer periods, then finding a high quality camp abroad perhaps during a holiday period is a good option. The camp that I would highly recommend as one of the best in Europe, is held annually at the B75 club in Denmark. This is a multi national event with players and coaches coming from all over to train at the club during three weeks in July. The focus is totally on the player with a very high level of expert planning coming from years of the club hosting these camps. Beyond the excellent practice opportunity, spending time at B75 is also a really rewarding experience as you learn about yourself as table tennis player and the coaches are so supportive for you to achieve your goals. This is one of the reasons that so many players keep coming back. Lars Rokkjær is the driving force and leader of the camp and I am very grateful to Lars for his great help over the last 5 years.

Details for the B75 camp can be found on Facebook, here is a link.

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