• Charlotte Bardsley

STIGA Equipment for Commonwealth Games 2022

This is what I will be using in all of my matches at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

My blade is the STIGA Dynasty with a Master handle, which means it is the concave narrow - it looks like a flared grip but a little bit narrower. I have been using the Dynasty for about three years and it is a great blade for how I play.

On the forehand side (RED), I use STIGA DNA Dragon Grip. This is a really interesting rubber as it has a more sticky top sheet and also combines it with the C touch tensor technology.

On the backhand side (BLACK), I use STIGA DNA Platinum with the M hardness rubber.

This combination of using Dragon Grip on one side and Platinum on the other gives me the control and the attacking shot options that I am looking for.

I will be wearing the STIGA Liner III shoes which are super comfortable and also very grippy.

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