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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

In an earlier blog (Jan 2019) I explained why I was using the STIGA Carbonado 45. This was the perfect blade for me. That was until STIGA released the Dynasty Carbon. This was a blade that STIGA have been developing for a while in conjunction with Xu Xin, from the Chinese national team. Once the Dynasty was available in UK and I had time to give it a test, I immediately recognised that this was going to be a very interesting blade.

In many respects the Carbonado and Dynasty are quite similar but then again quite different. They both use Textreme Technology carbon, though the Dynasty has got an upgrade with Textreme+. I don't know the precise difference in the two different versions but I think this update allows STIGA to use the carbon layer much closer to the surface. In fact this seems to be the key difference, where the top sheet of Koto is wafer thin. From what I can see the thickness of the Koto top layer and the textreme+ carbon layer, in total is as thick as the top layer on a Carbonado alone. With the overall blade thickness being the same, it means the core wood can then actually be thicker on the Dynasty. So from what it seems, the carbon is as thick as used in a Carbonado 145 but then still has a thicker core than a 45, so really the best of both worlds as been achieved in the design of the Dynasty

This is the design but how does it play? Now I am using Mantra rubbers and my comparison blade is a Carbonado 45. First impression is a very nice comfortable grip, feels a bit smoother in the hand than the Carbonado. The blade had good balance and weighed in at 92g (without rubbers). When you hit the first ball, immediately that STIGA wood feeling is there. The touch and control which are such a great part of the Carbonado 45 is definitely still a big positive for Dynasty, none of that is lost. However perhaps the biggest difference is, the speed of the blade, which is a notch or two up from the 45. Hard to say precisely but it very much in the area of speed as a 145. So now I have a blade in my hands which actually covers a bigger range than I had before but still feels very natural and similar to what I have been using, so a very easy conversion from Carbonado 45 to Dynasty Carbon. So the next test is play it in some matches and maybe a tournament. I had a few warm up matches and felt really good, so I used it in a pretty tough tournament that ran over two days, England U18 top ten. Pleased to say I won the competition using this blade for the first time. The STIGA Dynasty Carbon was superb. I have been using the Dynasty Carbon but there is also a special edition Xu Xin version, identical apart from a different lens in the handle and also the signature.

So this going to be my blade of choice until STIGA come up with another great innovation.

Here is a great technical insight on the Stiga Dynasty Carbon, and confirms my impression of the speed and feel of the blade.

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