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Playing at your best in Competitions

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

We all want to take what we do well in training into our matches, particularly when it is a big important competition. However doing it can be hard because the feeling is never quite the same as back at your training club. The hall will be different, the table and ball maybe different and of course you have now got opponents you may never have played before. In fact there is often very little which you will find the same at competition compared to your usual training environment so you have to be prepared for the unexpected. For example, you will probably be playing at a different time of day too, so just working out what to eat and when can be a new thing to handle. All these changes can really throw a player out of their comfort zone. On the other hand this is the same for everybody and maybe you can take advantage of the situation. Ultimately this is what experience is. By competing at gradually bigger events in different circumstances you will build up a set of experiences that you can learn from so that you are better prepared next time. The key thing is to progressively learn more each time you compete and recognise what you can improve on for next time.

England Schools Finals - Aldersley UK

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