• Charlotte Bardsley

My BBC TV Appearance

With everybody now having to stay at home for several weeks, people are looking for interesting things to do with their time. It seems that playing table tennis at home has increased in popularity and sales of table tennis equipment has gone up. The BBC did a feature on this for the BBC West Midlands news on 30th April 2020. It was also shown on their website. It was great to be involved on this story, they covered all aspects of the sport, from what I was doing as an international player to people who are trying to improve their skills at home.

We filmed me training against a robot that I have at home. A robot is a good help to practice with when you are on your own, perhaps the closest representation might be to having it as a multi ball session where you set up a specific drill to practice. However of course it can't play against you, it just feeds the balls to specific locations on the table.

I also got chance to talk to the BBC reporter about my situation and my goals. It was great to share my story to a wide group of people and I had many people contacting me after the news show had aired.

Here is the link to the online version:

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