• Charlotte Bardsley

My 2018

Looking back on my table tennis during 2018, there were quite a lot of firsts.

The year started very well in January, when as part of the Burton Uxbridge team, we won the senior Women's British League Premier Division. This was my first Women's Premier Division title.

Next month it was Junior British league, where again Burton Uxbridge took the Premier title. I have won this before, however it was my first time to record a perfect season, with 20 out of 20 wins in the Premier division.

In March it was the first time to be part of the England Senior Squad at my first World Cup, and then the first time I picked up a medal at the Senior Nationals, Bronze in the U21.

In April I won my first U19 Schools title and then followed this on by winning my first England Junior nationals later in the month.

October was a difficult month, this was my first serious injury since I have been playing table tennis. It took me out of training and competitions for over 4 weeks and resulted in my withdrawing from the Hungarian Open, which was a tournament I was really looking forward to playing in.

In November, I got my first opportunity to play in the Senior England team, winning on my debut against Greece in the Euro Team qualifiers.

However perhaps one of the proudest moments in 2018 was being awarded the Swaythling Club International Fair Play trophy at the England Senior Nationals. The way in which you conduct yourself in sport, playing by the rules of the game, respecting your opponent and the officials is something I always try my best at, so be recognised for this achievement is a great feeling.

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