• Charlotte Bardsley

Learning to Coach

This year I have started helping in some of the training sessions at my club. Over the summer I completed my level 1 coaching qualification which enables me to be an assistant to a head coach. As well as the coaching course, in order to complete the coaching qualification you also need to follow safe guarding training and other checks. As well as coaching in some of the club sessions I have helped at training days and recently at the Junior British League competition where I did some corner coaching. When you are corner coaching one thing I have recognised is that you always need to put yourself into the position of the specific player you are working with. Each player has different strengths and weaknesses so you need to first understand your player before thinking about how to handle the opponent. Also when I am a player I don't want too much information when I am in the middle of a match. So maximise what they do well and find ways to get that into the game with some simple tactical communication.

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