• Charlotte Bardsley

ITV News Appearance

I made an appearance on ITV Central news on 18th July 2022. The clip of the video can be seen here on this page, along with a feature article.

It was an interesting experience to work with the ITV team as even though the final film is around 3 minutes, it takes a lot of planning to get the story and video together. ITV were interested to get the full background of some of the local athletes who are competing at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Since I live locally to Birmingham and it is my first games I was chosen as one of the athletes they wanted to feature. We discussed different ideas but because I was living in Germany there were limited opportunities to meet up and film. However we managed to synchronise me being in the UK visiting my old school with International Women's day.

It was fun to look back at my journey to get to the England Senior team, from first practicing in the garage during winter when I was 10 years old.

Table tennis has given me great opportunities to meet many people and travel to so many locations either to train or play competitions. And my next location for training is going to be the University of Cambridge, where from September I hope to meet a lot of new people.

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