• Charlotte Bardsley

ITTF Junior Tour Champion

I have played in a few of the ITTF Junior tour events over the past few years, such as Belgium and Hungary. This year I planned to visit some new locations and I chose Oman and Slovakia as competitions to enter. The plan was to try and get as many matches as possible within the shortest time over the school holidays. It was quite a complicated plan to get to Oman and then straight to Slovakia as there was only 1 day gap between the competitions.

Oman was a very good event, I met some great people and really enjoyed the tournament. We were really well looked after by the Omani organisers. In the competition I played well and reached the last 16. It was a tight match against a good opponent, it was a good experience to play against some top players from Asia.

Onto Slovakia and after qualifying from my group in 1st position, I then went on a strong run to the final where I played a Slovakian player and won it 4 - 0. It felt incredible to be on the top step of an ITTF Open competition. It was a lot of hard work to get to this position and I am grateful to all of the people who have supported me along the way.

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