• Charlotte Bardsley

In the Sun !

Today I took the opportunity of using an outdoor table in the park. With the social distancing measures in place in the UK since March, it has not been possible to practice other than at home. However now with some relaxation of the controls we are able to play in the park as long as we follow the guidelines. Table tennis actually has a natural separation between players so we can respect the 2 metre distance. We also made sure we cleaned the table surfaces before and after we played. It was fantastic to be able to play some matches and just have that chance to do the thing I really enjoy. Outside is actually an interesting challenge because the conditions are varying all the time. The wind can suddenly change and having a metal net is not forgiving of even the smallest error on height.

After we had got used to the table and the conditions we were able to play practice in a similar way to indoors. We could lob and smash and try all of the strokes we normally do. I had the chance to try some of the serves I had been working on.

Hopefully if the weather stays fine we can play again outside very soon.

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