• Charlotte Bardsley

Grassroots Table Tennis

Cookley Village Hall Table Tennis

This month I went back to play at my first club, Cookley. The village hall is just a few miles from my house and this is where I first learnt to play. Club coach Mark Bennett invited me back one evening and it was great to spend a few hours with him and the rest of the players. It brought back some great memories of the games we used to play together. Without this club and the help that Mark gave me to start me off, I would never have played table tennis at any more than a very basic recreational level. Not only did Mark and the other players and coaches at Cookley give me a good start, they also encouraged me to develop my game with other people. In fact Helen Lower from ETTA (as the national governing body was known then), came along one evening to help at the club and after that she asked me to come to the West Midlands regional training. From that moment I started to take table tennis much more seriously and this got me into competing at tournaments. Thank you Cookley and thank you Mark!

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