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Choosing Equipment: The Basics

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

One of the questions I get asked the most is what equipment I use. Though you can always learn a lot from other players, you also need to consider what is your style of play and where you are in your development. When you are learning the game having a blade which gives more control and feel is often the best choice. Then as you develop your game you can think about using potentially a faster blade.

I use a STIGA Carbonado 45 for my blade as I find it gives me a perfect balance of feel and speed for my game. A player wanting a bit more speed than the 45, might go for a Carbonado 145 or even 245. The Carbonado series from STIGA has 6 options, with 3 levels of Carbon thickness and two types of Carbon orientation it gives players plenty of opportunity to find the right one for them.

For rubbers I have chosen to use Mantra M on my forehand and Mantra S on my backhand. I like the Mantra rubbers as they giving a good feel and touch for serve and receive but then can deliver strong loops during a rally. Being not too heavy they also give a good balance to the blade.

STIGA Carbonado 45 + Mantra

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