• Charlotte Bardsley

At the BBC!

Three years ago I had the chance to play table tennis at the BBC studios in Manchester against three men, Freddie Flintoff who was an England cricketer, Robbie Savage who was a Premier League and Wales footballer and then Mathew Syed who was an England Table Tennis player. It was really fun, and great to play in such a venue against these people. It was a secret to Mathew that I was there, he thought he was only going to be playing against Freddie and Robbie who of course he would be able to beat easily. However I was the surprise player that Mathew had to play. He is a defender who as played at the Olympics so he is really good. We played one set up to 21 and he just beat me at the end which was a shame but I really enjoyed the experience. It was a fun few days because by chance I was near Manchester because the previous day I had been playing at Preston and had won the Cadet National Cup. It was also lucky because I was recovering from a shoulder injury which had prevented me from playing the junior cup the previous weekend.

Here is a link to the short edited video that the BBC made for this.

Here is a link to the full video which BBC used live on Facebook

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